Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith

Accreditated by NAAC: Grade - B+

The Central library of the college has an area of 6000sq.ft well stocked with books, journals, and computers. Another library with about 5000 books has been set up in the new building for exclusive use of the students enrolled to the Bengali PG department to facilitate easy access of books and reading materials for higher studies. Also, each department has been provided with almirahs, book shelves to stock books related to their particular discipline to form a Departmental Library.

Details of Library Staff

  • Smt.Nilima Pal - Librarian
  • Sri.Samiran Naskar - Librarian
  • Smt.Moumita Sengupta - Library Clerk
  • Sri.Tarak Nath Kar - Library Assistant

Highlights of our Library

  • A well organized digitized updated library catalogue is maintained in the library for searching of books and journals.
  • Seating capacity: Students=50, Teachers=10.
  • Books are arranged subject wise in shelves and almirahs so that they can be easily located.
  • Librarians and other library staffs readily assist students in issuing of books as well as enlightening them to new publications, new authors.
  • The library is open for long hours from 11am to 5pm formaximum benefit of the students.
  • Students of each year rotationally get 3 days lending service in a week. They can borrow 3 books at a time for a fortnight and they can renew the books again twice.
  • Students can avail computer facility with internet in the library.
  • Question papers of the college and university are maintained subject wise and year wise in the library for students' assistance.
  • Career guidance books are displayed in a separate rack so that students can get help for their future employment.
  • Daily news papers and employment weekly are procured in the library for readers.
  • Latest Publications of the departmental teachers are displayed in display rack and this is very much helpful for the students.
  • Journals are procured by the library on regular basis for the benefit of the students as well as teachers.

Layout of the Library

  • Separate entry and exit points for teachers and students
  • Separate areas allotted for books of each department so that these may be easily located.
  • New acquisitions of the library are displayed to draw attention of the students
  • Racks for keeping the belongings of the students
  • Reading zone for students neatly arranged with long reading tables and chairs
  • Separate reading chamber for teachers
  • Space for accessing computers
  • Shelves with glass cover for displaying journals and newspapers
  • The library has an open balcony-cum-lounge area for relaxed reading as well as specific zone for accessing e-resources through computers


  • OPAC, Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals, Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases, Library Website, In-house/remote access to e-publication
  • Total number of computers for public access::03
  • Total number of printers for public access:01
  • Internet bandwidth/speed : 2mbps/10mbps/1gb:256kbps
  • Participation in Resource sharing network/consortia (like Inflibnet: Applied for procuring INFLIBNET on line journal data base
  • Average number of walk-ins: 60 (teachers + students)/day
  • Average number of books/journals issued/returned: 120/day
  • Ratio of library books to students enrolled: 10:1
  • Average number of books added during last three years: 800/annum
  • Assistance in searching Databases INFLIBNET/IUC facilities: presently not available but have been applied for