Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith

Accreditated by NAAC: Grade - B+

Department of Sanskrit

General stream introduced in 1971
Honours stream introduced in 2002

Srl Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience (Years)
1 Sri Ratan Roy M.A, B.Ed Assistant Professor Kavya 1
2 Sri Amit Paul M.A PTT Indian history, epigraphy & palaeography 5
3 Smt. Sampa Bhattacharjee M.A, B.Ed CWTT Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy 9
4 Smt. Sriparna Bosu (Guha Roy), M.A Guest Teacher - -
5 Sri Arup Maity M.A. Guest Teacher - -

Departmental Highlights
Lectures by eminent academicians for student learning enhancement:
Sanskrit : Dimensions and opportunities by Dr. Chirashree Mukherjee, Ramananda College, on 22.12.2014.
The Necessity of Veda in the Modern Age by Dr. Rabindranath Bhattacharjee Shastri, C.U. on 20.11.2013.
Indian Philosophy and Modern Society by Dr. Satyajit Layek, C.U. on 12.12.2011
Vedanta and Present Society by Dr. Sanghamitra Sengupta, C.U. on 5.12.2008.
Good numbers of text books (over 1000) with multiple volumes and reference books in the central library and departmental library of the college.
Dedicated and experienced faculty.
Good relationship between students and faculty members.
Remedial classes for slow learners.
Special classes and tutorials are taken to enrich the students in subject
Recitation: Recitation is taught so that students get interest in Slokas and Mantras.
Academic Calender 2016-17