Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith

Accreditated by NAAC: Grade - B+

Department of Geography

General stream introduced in 2000
Honours stream introduced in 2001

Srl Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience (Years)
1 Smt. Satabdi Biswas M.A, B.Ed, UGC-NET Assistant Professor Environmental Geography 9
2 Dr. Priyadarshini Sen M.Sc, Ph.D(Sc), UGC-NET Assistant Professor Regional Planning 1
3 Dr. Chinmoyee Mallik M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, UGC-NET Assistant Professor Agricultural Geography 1

Technical Staff
Sri Biplob Bose Lab Assistant
Sri Ananda Dhali Lab Assistant

Departmental Highlights
Students actively take part in field survey for understanding socio-economic profile of various regions. Honours students visited Mirik and General students visited Debnagar for field surveys.
Students get the golden opportunity to interact with many household industries through their field surveys like pottery & silk industries, local hand looms etc.
Each year students take part in making display of their understanding of different geographical topics within the department through presentations and lectures.
An impressive number of students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET (08), SET (04), State Level Civil Service (04), Defence Services (28), West Bengal State Government (17) etc.
Well equipped laboratory to promote regular practical classes as well as active research work.
A strong focus on quality teaching with the help of modern teaching aids.
Highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty.
Well equipped audio-visual instruments for teaching.
ICT Based Teaching.
Infrastructure with well equipped labs and museum.
Students actively participate in various interdisciplinary courses and lectures like in Botany as Phyto-Geography, Zoology as Zoo-Geography , Anthropology in the studies of Geography and Tribes, Political Science as Electoral Geography, etc.
Academic Calender 2016-17