Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith

Accreditated by NAAC: Grade - B+

Department of Zoology

General stream introduced in 2003
Honours stream introduced in 2011

Srl Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience (Years)
1 Tushar Kanti Roy M.Sc, NET(CSIR) Assistant Professor Hematology & Medical Immunology 4
2 Aparna Mitra M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil CWTT Entomology 11
3 Jayashree Shit M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil PTT Entomology 8
4 Susmita Banerjee M.Sc PTT Parasitology & Immunology 4
4 Smt. Suchorita Banerjee, M.Sc Guest Teacher - -

Technical Staff
Sri Manik Chand Mandi Lab Assistant
Sri Subrata Pal Lab Assistant

Departmental Highlights
A two day UGC National Conference on �Biodiversity: Inter-relationship between Flora, fauna and Huma� in collaboration with the West Bengal State University and the departments of Anthropology and Botany on 29-30 September 2013.
Highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty of full and part-time teachers.
A strong focus on quality teaching with the help of audio visual aids and innovative ideas.
Well equipped laboratory to promote regular practical classes as well as active research work.
Field study and museum visit related to theoretical knowledge.
Documentation of local biodiversity by the students.
Promotion of group study method
The department has very active and very supportive ex-students.
Student interest in department programmes is very strong and growing across all programs.
Dedicated and experienced laboratory staff.
Faculty are highly involved in their professional organizations like the Zoological Society of India.
Teachers are actively involved in research creating a very suitable academic ambience.
Student-Teacher interaction is very healthy and productive (Wall magazine, Field work, Farewell programme, Nabin-Baran, Cultural programmes).